Poaching List for "Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions"

By Raphael Garcia

Updated September 22, 2017

"Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions" is a strategy-based role playing game for the PlayStation Portable. Players take control of Ramza and other characters to complete drawn out battles against opposing armies. Throughout the game, players will gather improved items to equip to their characters. Additional items are available by poaching monsters during battle. Poaching will also help you find rare items, which give your characters additional benefits.

How to Obtain Poach Ability

The poach ability is only available to characters who have unlocked the thief job class. To unlock that the thief job class, characters must first reach a level three rating as an archer. Complete battles and defeat opponents while working as an archer to earn experience points to increase said level. When the thief job class is unlocked, change classes and continue fighting as the thief to earn additional experience points. Once the character reaches the third level as a thief, the poach ability is unlocked.

How to Poach a Monster

Players can only poach monsters during battle. Attack and weaken a monster by depleting most of its available hit points. Kill the monster with a regular attack from the thief with the poach ability equipped. The monster will automatically be poached and the item will be added to your inventory. Visit the poacher's den stores throughout the game to turn the poached monster into an improved item or weapon.

Poachable Monsters

All of the monsters in "Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions" are able to be poached. The only opponents that players can not poach are the human characters. Travel to every available battle spot on the map to face all of the available enemies in the game. You may have to try multiple times in order to defeat and poach every available opponent. Some monsters are only available through special means such as the Wildbow, which is only available if a Uribo and Porky mate while listed as a part of your party.

Poacher's Dens

The poacher's den store is where you take the poached item to sell or trade for additional items. Poacher's dens are only available in the cities of Dorter, Warjilis and Sal Ghidos. These stores only become available during Chapter 3. Once unlocked you will be able to trade your poached monsters for additional items to support your army.

Rare Items

Rare items are available through poaching monsters in combat. For example the Barrette armor equipment is available only after poaching a Red Chocobo. The item helps prevent majority of the status aliments used against your army during battle. Poaching a hydra will reveal the rubber suit which raises the character's hit points by 150 and stops all lighting attacks. Search for these secret items by poaching any monster throughout the game.