How to Get Mighty Axe and Infernal Fist on "Angel Arena Domination"

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

"Angel Arena Domination" is a "Warcraft III" custom game that allows players to fight in a five versus five death match. Players choose a hero to play as. Every few minutes the strongest player, the player with the highest-level character and strongest items, from each team participates in a one on one match. Players increase the strength of their hero by killing monsters and purchasing new items. The Infernal Fist and Mighty Axe are two items that players can purchase in the secret shop.

Load "Angel Arena Domination" and select a hero.

Kill monsters and enemy heroes in order to gain gold and experience to level your hero.

Increase your hero's strength high enough to fight against the first major NPC (non-player character) enemy that guards the Circle of Power. There are four Circles of Power, and each has a chance to teleport you to the secret shop.

Defeat the guardian of the Circle of Power and take the teleport platform.

Arrive at the secret shop, click on it with your hero selected and purchase the Infernal Fist and Mighty Axe. Each item at the secret shop costs fifty thousand gold.