How to Counter Reno's Pyramid Attack in "Final Fantasy VII"

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Final Fantasy VII," a group called the Turks is tasked with bringing the last remaining Ancient to the Shinra company. One of the Turks, a man named Reno, catches up with your party as they escort Aeris, the Ancient, to safety. Determined to kidnap Aeris, Reno challenges you to a battle. During the battle, Reno occasionally casts a spell called Pyramid. Pyramid encases one of your characters in a magic cage. That character cannot attack or use items, though he can still be attacked by Reno. When Reno casts Pyramid, you can counter it by destroying the cage around your ally.

Attack Reno with any desired magic spells or weapons until he casts Pyramid. The targeted character is unable to move.

Select the trapped character as your target and choose the "Attack" command.

Wait for your character to attack the Pyramid cage. When he does, it shatters, freeing your ally. It only takes one attack to shatter the cage.


Reno will cast Pyramid multiple times throughout the fight. Always make it a priority to remove it as soon as possible.


Do not let everyone in your party get trapped by Pyramid. If you do, you automatically lose the battle.