How to Make a Town in "Minecraft"

By Edmund Lukavics

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft" is an independently developed sandbox PC game. In "Minecraft," you are placed inside a hostile game world, where your main means of survival is the ability to construct shelter and items out of resources obtained from the game world. By breaking apart the world, players can craft buildings, weapons, armor and an assortment of interactive and noninteractive objects. Building an entire town worth of structures can be accomplished by a patient and dedicated player of "Minecraft," particularly when the process is properly planned out.

Plan and create a town. Constructing your buildings from stone, wood or a rarer material will influence your foundation choice and building strategy.

Find a suitable foundation point for the type of town. If building wood structures, choose a spot with a large supply of trees. For stone, locate a mountain. Rarer materials are normally found deep in the earth.

Construct a simple building to act as your base, and create a area of defense around it. At night, the game world becomes populated by a variety of hostile creatures, and staying inside an enclosed structure is your main means of defense.

Build the foundations of your planned buildings. This will allow you to have a visual reference regarding the town layout as you build structures up.

Gather appropriate resource blocks and build up the rest of your buildings.


Don't be afraid of deconstructing a unit if you decided you do not like it. You will be able to reuse the resources placed into it. If playing on a multiplayer server, spreading the workload between multiple people can drastically speed up the construction process.


Be wary of lava and fire if building wood structures, as they will catch on fire and burn down. Never travel at night or underground without weapons and armor; if a monster kills you, you will drop all resources you were carrying.