How to Hook a Wii Game to a Toshiba Flat Screen TV

By Lita McLeary

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii is a game console that has a “motion detection” feature. It allows users to play unique video games that require physical player interaction. Before you can start using your Nintendo Wii, you have to connect it to a television first to be able to display the game graphics. If you are using a Toshiba flat screen TV, connecting the game console into it should only take a few minutes of your time.

Turn off your Wii game console and Toshiba flat screen television.

Locate the colored holes (red, yellow and white) labeled “Input” at the back or sides of the television. Match the “RCA plugs” or “colored connectors” into the colored input ports of your television and plug them one by one into their respective ports. If you failed to locate the “colored ports” as described in this step, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, skip Step 3.

Look for the “Component” inputs instead of the “AV input.” These inputs are colored blue, green and red for “video,” and red and white for “audio.” Connect the yellow AV cable into the green hole (Y hole), the white cable into the white hole (L hole) and the red cable into the red hole (R hole).

Locate the “AV Multi Out” port at the back of the game console. Connect the “AV Multi Out” plug of the Wii cable into that port.

Turn on the Wii game console and then your Toshiba LCD TV.

Press the “TV/Video” button in your TV’s remote control or front panel. When you see the “Wii screen” display on your screen, this indicates that your Wii game console is successfully connected to the television.


If you cannot locate the “Audio/Video inputs” (or colored holes) of your Toshiba flat screen television, check if they are at the top or bottom of the TV. They may also be hidden by panels that you need to open first before you can access the colored holes.