No Sound Comes From My Vizio TV

by Tyson ClifftonUpdated September 28, 2017

Vizio TVs have a built-in speaker system or come with audio outputs that let you connect your TV to an external speaker or stereo receiver. A variety of issues could result in no sound coming from your Vizio TV. Try troubleshooting these issues on your own before taking your device in for repairs.


Press "Mute" on the remote that came with your Vizio TV. If the Vizio was muted, a speaker icon appears in the upper left corner of the Vizio TV screen without a red circle around it and a red circle through it. If the Vizio was not muted, the red circle and red line will appear. Press the "Mute" button until the red circle and line do not appear around the speaker.


Press the up-pointing arrow portion of the VOL button on the Vizio remote control repeatedly. A solid blue Volume bar appears on the lower half of the Vizio TV screen. As you press the up-pointing arrow on the VOL button the amount of yellow on the blue Volume bar will increase from left to right. If there was no yellow in the blue bar when you initially press the button, then the TV's volume was completely turned down.

Built-In Speakers

Press the "VIA" button on the remote control that came with the Vizio TV to open the VIA menu. Select "TV Settings" and then press "OK." Highlight "Audio" and then press "OK." Highight "TV Speakers" and then press the right-pointing arrow button until it says "ON" to the right of TV Speakers. If OFF appeared to the right of TV Speakers, no sound would come from the Vizio speakers.

External Speakers

If you have an external set of speakers connected to your Vizio TV, make sure the audio cables are firmly connected on the speaker or stereo receiver and on the Vizio TV. Also, make sure the external speaker or speaker system is turned on and set to play audio from the appropriate input.

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