How to End the Game "Kinectimals"

by Aaron WeinUpdated September 22, 2017
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"Kinectimals," a pet simulation game, allows you to train and control your virtual animal using the Xbox 360's Kinect motion sensor. Microsoft developed a set of universal gestures to help players easily access specific functions of games, such as in-game menus. Use the "Guide" gesture to open the "Kinectimals" menu at any time. From there, you have the ability to end your game, exiting to the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Stand up in view of the Kinect sensor.

Position your right arm flat against your right side, pointing to the ground.

Point your left arm out at a 45-degree angle along your left side. A symbol appears in the bottom-left corner indicating proper placement. The symbol's meter fills up after about two seconds and a menu appears.

Hold one of your hands out to move the onscreen selection cursor over "Kinect Guide." Hold the cursor over "Kinect Guide" until it opens.

Choose "Kinect Hub" and select "Yes" when prompted to end your "Kinectimals" session.

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