Roblox Cheats for Tix & Robux

By Annabeth Kaine

Updated September 22, 2017

In the online game "Roblox," you compete against other players to earn status and prizes by gaining Tix and buying Robux. Each time you visit an area, you earn Tix to use toward catalog items on the "Roblox" website. Robux are worth more than Tix because the main way to get Robux is with real money. Unfortunately, there are no cheats available for "Roblox," but there are a few ways to earn Tix and Robux easily.

Playing the Game

"Roblox" is free to play, but buying a membership account earns you extra rewards. When you join the "Builder's Club" and pay a monthly fee, you earn Robux every day you log in to your game. With the "Turbo Builder's Club," you receive 35 Robux each day you sign in. If you opt for the "Outrageous Builder's Club," you earn 60 Robux upon sign-in each day. When you refer friends to join "Roblox" and they purchase an account in the Builder's Club, you earn an extra 400 Robux for your referral. Non-members earn 10 Tix each day just for logging in to their accounts.

Visiting Locations

Take a stroll through different Robloxia places. Each place you visit earns you one Tix. Each person who visits your place also earns you one Tix. Use your Robux and Tix to create an amazing world that entices people to visit. The more traffic you have, the more Tix you earn. The more unusual or creative your place is, the more people will want to come see it. When you have a steady traffic flow, your page number increases. The higher your page is on the list, the more people will notice and visit you.

Selling Items

Create items to sell in the "Roblox" shop. You must be a "Builder's Club" member in order to sell your designs. Create clothing and accessories for "Roblox" characters, and post them for Robux or Tix. Interesting and unusual designs are typically sought after by other players.

Entering Contests

"Roblox" consistently offers contests to its players. Contests reward you with Robux or Tix, depending on the contest. Contests typically feature challenges like buildings and environments for you to build. Other players visit your creations and vote on their favorites. Look for the "Contest" tab on the main "Roblox" page and select the tab. Click on "Enter Contest" on the contest page.