How to Convert NBU to VCF

By Ray Padgett

Updated September 28, 2017

An NBU file is a Nokia backup file that stores your address book and other contact information on your computer. It works only with Nokia phones, allowing you to restore information if you have a problem. However, you can convert an NBU file to the more standard and compatible VCF (vCard File) easily. With a VCF, you can import the contact information into any number of other applications.

Right-click the NBU file.

Select “Nokia PC Suite” from the “Open with” menu. This will open the NBU contacts onto your screen.

Select “Export” from the File menu

Select “vCard File” from the drop-down menu.

Give the VCF a title in the text window.

Click “Export.” This will convert the contents of the NBU into a VCF file, located in the same folder.