How to Walk in FSX

By Justin W. Sanders

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X, 2006 edition

  • DBS Studio WalkandFollow software

The DBS Studio WalkandFollow software lets you get up and move around the cabin in FSX.
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One of the neatest features in Microsoft's 2006 Flight Simulator X (FSX) upgrade is the ability to take screen shots out the plane windows of the surrounding landscape, then share them later with fellow users. The enhanced graphics might even make you feel tempted to get up from the cockpit and walk around the cabin a bit to get different angles on the scenery. However, walking in this flight simulator is not as easy as it sounds.

Download and Installation

Visit DBS Studio at or visit another software outlet that carries DBS WalkandFollow, such as

Purchase WalkandFollow and choose your download method. You can either download it right online or have it shipped to your home on CD.

Download WalkandFollow either online or via disk and follow the directions to install it on your computer's hard drive. Your computer should start this process automatically following the download.


Launch FSX and select the aircraft you wish to pilot.

Locate and click on "Activation Request" in the DBS Studio section. Select either the "CockpitWalk" or the "Walk and Follow" menu. Though the CockpitWalk add-on is what gives you the ability to walk the cabin, in terms of this activation stage, selecting either will automatically activate both.

Follow the prompts to register your purchase, filling in all required fields. Wait up to a day for your activation request to be completed. You will receive a unique activation code by email once your request has been fulfilled.

Open FSX and choose your aircraft. Again in the DBS Studio section, click "Activate" and enter your unique activation code. Restart the simulator to complete your activation.


Walk about the cockpit using keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+Shift+Backspace moves you to the left. Ctrl+Shift+Enter moves right. Shift+Backspace moves down and Shift+Enter moves up. Ctrl+Backspace moves forward and Ctrl+Enter moves backward. Move faster by pressing Ctrl+Numpad Plus and slow down with Ctrl+Numpad Minus.

Turn your head to look in different directions by using keyboard shortcuts. Shift+A turns your view left and Shift+D turns right. Shift+W looks up while Shift+S looks down. Shift+Q lets you stoop to your left for lower angles and Shift+E stoops to the right.

Engage the add-on's "Forced Mouse Mode" if you wish to walk by using the mouse. Press "Ctrl"+"Shift"+"Space" to activate the mode. Use the left mouse button to walk forward and right mouse button to walk backward. Hold "Ctrl" on the keyboard to increase your speed while walking with the mouse and hold "Shift" to slow your speed. Roll the mouse wheel to zoom your vision in and out.