How to Exploit on Roblox

By Dabney Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

“Roblox” is a creative world-building game that enables players to script characters, objects and game environments. With so much competing code and no real regulation of scripts, the game offers many exploits. With the free game-editing software Cheat Engine, any “Roblox” player can exploit aspects of the game by changing variables in the code.

Obtain Cheat Engine software (see Resources). Cheat Engine is a generic script editing program that allows players to access and edit the hidden code in a game. Any modifications you make to a game's script through Cheat Engine will permanently alter the configurations of the game.

Open Cheat Engine by clicking on the executable file in the downloaded folder. Click the icon shaped like a computer to begin the file searching process. Select “Windows List” to open a list of all game files that Cheat Engine can modify.

Locate “Roblox [Place1]” on the list and open it. Enter “local Tool = script.Parent” in the text box. This process opens the Roblox code on your computer, and the search parameters will find the parent code that is typically unreachable from within "Roblox."

Click the “First Scan” button to search through the "Roblox" parent code. The search will return \only one result, which will be displayed as a long string of nonsensical characters. Access the code by right-clicking on it and selecting “Browse.”

Search through the code for any configurations you want to edit. For example, if you locate the "RunSpeed = 16" line of code and replace the 16 with a higher number, you will drastically improve your movement speed while in "Roblox." Alternatively, you can improve your health by increasing the number to the right of the "MaxHealth =" line of code. There are thousands of variations you can make to the "Roblox" code, but the easiest way to exploit the code is to change the numeric variables. You edit code by pressing the spacebar to delete and then typing the new code.

Save your changes, overwriting the old file. This action will replace the old code with the new, modified code. Now run "Roblox" to experience the modifications you made to your game's world.