How to Make a "Mugen" Character in Fighter Factory Ultimate

By Dabney Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Mugen

  • Fighter Factory

The game “Mugen” allows gamers to create their own fighters and upload them to create a customizable fighting experience. One of the most common ways for players to create their own unique fighter is through the program Fighter Factory Ultimate. The program does much of the more complicated programming involved with sprite rendering automatically, so creating a custom fighter is a quick and easy process.

Sprites and Animations

Open Fighter Factory.

Click “File,” then “Templates” and “Electbyte Player.” This action generates the data constants, basic movements, punches, kicks, commands, and basic sprite animations.

Configure the fighter by entering the fighter’s name in both “Character Name” fields on the left of the screen.

Set the “Standard Palette Order” as “1,2,3,4.”

Type in your character’s name, followed by “.sff” in the “SFF File Names” box. Do the same for “SND File Name,” “ASR File Name,” “CMD File Name, and the “CNS File Names,” except replace the “.sff” with each respective acronym.

Select “Save All” and save the template to a new folder that you name after your character.

Click “Shared Palette,” then “OK.”

Save all files that Fighter Factory prompts you to save in the folder with your character’s name.

Click “Sprites.” Delete sprites three through 64.

Open the “Palettes” menu.

Browse for a saved image that has many of the colors you wish to use. Open it.

Click “Optimize” and then “Zoom in.”

Hold the Control key and click on each color in the palette menu to select all of the colors, then click in the first palette box to transfer the colors. Select “Apply the palettes” and save the file in the folder with your character’s name.

Write the name of your character, followed by “.act” in the “ACT Palettes: 1 by line” box. Click save all.

Click “Sprites,” then “Add,” and select all of the “.pcx” files saved in your character’s folder.

Select “Show,” then “Guidelines to show the floor level in “Mugen.”

Move the sprites to correctly correspond with the axis of the floor and the screen side by lining the sprite up with the blue lines.

Select all of the images, right-click and select “Add Group to AIR.”

Click the blue “CLSH” box to create a hit box. Move the box to correspond with the hit detection boundaries of your character, then select “CLSN Standard” to add the hit box to all of the frames

Open “Palettes” and upload new attack sprites to the main folder. Hit “OK.”

Repeat steps 15 through 21 for each animation you wish your character to have.


Select the attack type from the animations bar. Highlight the attack sprites, right-click, and select “Add Group to AIR.”

Select the red “CLHS” box to establish the boundaries of your attack hit box.

Click “Sound” to open a new sound file and open it to attack the sound to an attack. Click “Save as” and save it in your character’s folder.

Repeat these steps for each attack you wish your character to have.