Where Do You Go to Get the 5th Badge in 'Pokemon Ruby?'

By Shae Hazelton

Updated September 22, 2017

The Petalburg City gym is the fifth gym challenge you must overcome in “Pokemon Ruby.” The gym leader is your character’s father, so it is a monumental event in the game. The gym is close to the beginning point of the game, so you may have some trouble finding it. Some people don’t expect that returning to an area close to the starting point of the game could be an important part of the story progression.

Using the Map

As the game progresses, you move to the northern side of the map predominantly. Unfortunately, this takes you further away from the town with the fifth gym badge, but you have a map of the region so you can find it again. Press your “Start” button to open the option menu. Select the “Map” option. Move your selection box around to locate “Petalburg City” on your map. Petalburg City is to the northwest of your starter town.

Using the West Entrance

Using the west entrance is the quickest route if you find yourself in areas such as Dewford Town or Rustboro City, or most any location on the far west side of the map. Since you now have the ability to use Surf outside of battle, you can enter through the left entrance by either land or sea. When traveling by land, you need to travel south through Rustboro City and through the Petalburg Woods. After you exit the woods, Petalburg City will be to the east. When traveling by water, you head north from the island town of Dewford until you reach the shore with Mr. Briney’s cottage. Head inland to the east to reach the town.

Using the East Entrance

If you find yourself on the east side of the map, the east entrance is the best option for quick travel. It takes you though some of the first towns and you may have to do battle with weak Pokemon, but you don’t need to navigate around the entire map to reach Petalburg City. Travel to Route 110 just north of Mauville City. Turn off Route 110 and onto Route 103. Surf across the small expanse of water the interrupts Route 103. Travel south on Route 103 until you reach Oldale Town. Turn to the west in Oldale Town and keep moving until you pass into Petalburg City.

Navigating Through the Gym

The Petalburg Gym is on the northwest side of town, nestled between a pond and Wally’s house. The town is small, so finding the gym is simple enough, but you need to navigate through the trainers in the gym to reach Norman and earn your badge by defeating him. You have two doors you can travel through after each victory. The one-hit skill room is arguably the most dangerous, though. While one-hit moves aren’t accurate, they pose a great threat to your party. Stick to the left doors to avoid the threat and reach Norman. You can leave the gym anytime between battles to refresh your team.