How to Make Wailmer Move in "Pokemon Emerald"

By K.C. Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

Wailmer is a large Water-type Pokemon that resembles a whale. Multiple Wailmer block the path to Route 124 in "Pokemon Emerald." These Wailmer are put into place by the criminal organization Team Aqua, which are feuding with another criminal organization, Team Magma. To make the Wailmer move so you can travel onward to Mossdeep City, you must confront both Team Aqua and Team Magma by finding a way to access their secret bases.

Travel to Mt. Pyre using the Surf ability in Route 122 and then travel south. Climb Mt. Pyre by taking the stairs to the east. Along the way, you will encounter wild Pokemon so prepare your team for battle ahead of time. Travel to the end of the path to confront Team Aqua.

Defeat the Team Aqua Grunts on Mt. Pyre using your strongest Pokemon. Team Aqua uses a combination of Dark-type, Poison-type and Water-type Pokemon, so plan your team accordingly. After defeating Team Aqua, confront Archie the Team Aqua leader further up the path. He will take off with the Blue Orb without a battle. Afterward, you will receive the Magma Emblem, which allows you to access Team Magma's base.

Fly to Lavaridge Town and travel east by hopping down onto the ledges and then head north to take the cable car to Mt. Chimney where Team Magma's hideout is located. Walk south to the Jagged Path and the opening to Team Magma's hideout will appear.

Enter Team Magma's hideout. You will be confronted by wild Pokemon in this area as well. Walk through the path until you reach an area with multiple boulder. Put a Pokemon with the Strength ability in your party and press the action button near the boulder to move it. Push the boulders out of the way to continue on the path.

Defeat the Team Magma Grunts that you encounter along the way. Team Magma Grunts use a combination of Fire-type, Poison-type, Ground-type, Dark-type and Psychic-type Pokemon so plan your strategy accordingly. Continue to follow the path, battling Team Magma Grunts along the way until you reach the room at the end where you will have to battle Magma Admin Tabitha, who uses the same type of Pokemon.

Watch the cut scene after battling Tabitha and afterward you will be confronted by Maxie, the leader of Team Magma. Defeat Maxie's Mightyena, Crobat and Camerupt using your strongest Pokemon. After the battle, Maxie will run away. Use the Escape Rope in the room to the east to exit the base.

Fly to Slateport City and walk north to the Slateport Harbor. Talk to Captain Stern at the harbor to trigger an cut scene where Archie, the Team Aqua leader, steals a submarine. After the cut scene, Fly to Lilycove City and walk east until you reach the shore. Use the Surf ability to swim north to Team Aqua's secret base. Enter the base.

Defeat the Team Aqua Grunts inside the base and make your way through the path. You will need to take the Warp Panels located throughout the base to make your way to the end of the path. At the end of the path, you will have to battle Aqua Admin Matt, who uses a Gobat and Mightyena. After the battle you will discover Archie has escaped once more.

Take the warp panel in the last room to return to the entrance. The Wailmer are now gone from Route 124, allowing you to use the Surf ability to reach Mossdeep City.


The only Master Ball in the entire game is located in Team Aqua's hideout. To find it, walk to the left corner in the room where you are confronted by three Team Aqua Grunts to find a Warp Panel. Take the Warp Panel to a room with three Warp Panels. Take the middle Warp Panel, then the left Warp Panel, then finally the left Warp Panel again. The Master Ball will be in a chest on the left side of the room.