How to Hack Scripts for "ROBLOX"

By Ben David

Updated September 22, 2017

The “ROBLOX” multiplayer, virtual world game gives its players a large amount of flexibility to make up their own rules and customize environments. Players can build their ROBLOX characters and design different gaming stages. However, there are cases when players want to have a larger range of capabilities in the world of Robloxia. In those cases, players turn to the hacking community workarounds, using the Window Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) to make changes in the ROBLOX script to change different aspects of the game. (IE8 is the only browser with the developer script editing capabilities that works directly on the Roblox platform as of August 2011.)

Double-click the Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) icon on your computer to launch your Internet Explorer 8 Web browser, then go to the ROBLOX login page and log into your account.

Click the “Tools” option in the top, right menu in your browser window.

Click the “Developer Tools” option. The Developer Tools window will open showing the script coding information for the ROBLOX game.

Click within the scripting text area and type in your hacking changes to the script.

Select the “File” option in the top menu, then select the “Save” option in the IE8 top menu to save your changes.