How to Make an Antenna Work on My Dynex LCD TV?

By Mandy Slake

Updated September 28, 2017

Your Dynex LCD television can accept broadcast input from a cable box or satellite receiver, but you can also use an old-fashioned antenna. Once you connect the antenna cable, you will need to switch the TV tuner source using the TV’s menus. Your Dynex television can scan for a list of available channels so you don't accidentally change to channels on which no stations in your area are broadcasting.

Plug the connector on the 75-ohm coaxial cable into the "ANT/CABLE IN" jack on the back panel of the Dynex TV. Tighten the metal sleeve on the connector by twisting it clockwise.

Plug the other end of the cable into the antenna or the antenna jack in the wall. Tighten the sleeve to make it secure.

Turn on the TV and press the "MENU" button on the remote to access the main menu.

Highlight "Channel" and select "TV Source."

Change the setting to "Antenna" using the left or right arrow buttons.

Highlight "Auto Scan" and press "ENTER" to scan for available channels. Select "YES" to confirm.

Press "EXIT" to close the menu once the scan is finished.


Don't bundle the antenna cable with other A/V cables or power cables as this may cause signal interference.