How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft" is an online sandbox game that gives players creative freedom to change the game world and build any thing they desire. You mine resources in order to build structures and items. In some instances, you will create a large tower or a deep underground mine. This will cause a problem of quickly and easily traveling back and forth. To solve this problem, create a water elevator system where the water will carry you up and down the elevator.

Load "Minecraft" and enter the game world where you need to build an elevator.

Dig a small trench one block deep into the ground floor of the elevator.

Place water at the top of the elevator shaft so that it pours down into the trench. You will need to fill up every space between the top and bottom of the shaft with water.

Place a boat into the pool of water at the bottom and jump in. Push into the waterfall and you will begin to rise.

Travel down the elevator by jumping down into the pool of water. You will take not fall damage if it the water is deep enough.