How to Get Past Level 2 on "Ciao Bella"

By Joshua Benjamin

Updated September 22, 2017

"Ciao Bella: La Bella Romanza" is a sort of adventure-game-slash-dating-sim in which you play as Bella -- a woman looking for love and success in her everyday life. It is your job to guide Bella through the game, solving puzzles and building relationships as needed in the various stages. In the second stage of the game, you must get fit enough to go on a date with Elio, as well as get your uncle a building permit.

Travel to the church, and select the "beseech" option until you receive $1,000 for your supplications. Do this after working through all the menu options at home.

Travel to Nunzio Constriction, and "work" until nighttime. Then return home and go to sleep.

Listen to the conversation with your uncle. Then return to the church, and "beseech" again until you get a second $1,000.

Go to City Hall and speak to the judge. He will tell you to get rid of the protesters, in order to get a permit. Return to your uncle and speak to him, then go to the mall.

Talk to the protester, who says you must buy her three items to get her to stop. Purchase the Garden Statue from the Antique Store, then purchase the Air Conditioner and the Vacuum from the Appliances store.

Talk to the protester again, and give her the items. She will leave. Purchase the Vivaldi Box from the Music Store and the Roller Skates from the Sports store while you're there.

Return to your uncle and give him the box. Then work as much as possible until you need to sleep.

Go back to City Hall and speak to the judge. He will sign the form and give you the permit.

Leave City Hall and go to the gym. Work out there -- sleeping when needed -- until Saturday. Go on the date with all your stats high, to pass the date and the level.