How to Make a Book Cover Using Adobe Illustrator

By Clayton Kim

Updated September 28, 2017

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but the cover is what gets your attention. Peak readers’ interest by making a book cover using Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is design software that has the power to create brochures, magazine advertisements and even book covers. Many designers use it, and it has a powerful save format called Enumerated PostScript, or EPS, that saves your project in publisher-quality pixels and detail.

Open Adobe Illustrator. Click on the “New Document” icon. Select “Landscape” in the “Orientation” section.

Calculate the “Width” and “Height” to the size of your book. The front and back book covers are usually made on the same paper. Double the page size and add the binding size to calculate the width. The height is the page height. If your page size is 8 inches-by-6 inches and your binding is 1 inch, make the width of the project 13 inches and the height 8 inches.

Enter the width and height of the entire cover in the “Width” and “Height” section. Click the “OK” button to start the new project.

Click the “View” tab in the top toolbar and select the “Show rulers” and “Show Grids” to visualize the where the front cover, back cover and binding should go.

Click on the “Type” tool to enter your title, author name and any other text you want on the cover. Click on the page and type the words into the textbox.

Change the font type, size, color, height and width by clicking on the “Character” box. Click on the textbox and drag it to the desired location to move it.

Copy an image from another program and paste it directly in the Illustrator window, by clicking “Control+V” to insert it. Click on the image to highlight it.

Click on any of the boxes on the borders to increase or decrease the size of the picture. Click on the picture and drag it to the desired location to move it.

Click on the “Type” tool. Type the text for the binding in the textbox. Click on the textbox to highlight it.

Hover the mouse pointer on a corner box until a “Curved Double-sided Arrow” appears. Click on the “Curved Double-sided Arrow” button and hold the mouse button while rotating the text to the left or right. You can rotate the text vertically to make text for the binder.

Click on “File” tab on the top toolbar when you are ready to save. Select the “Save as” option in the dropdown list. Click on the “Downward Arrow” in the “Save as type” section and pick “Illustrator EPS (*.EPS) format.

Name the file and click on the “Save” button. EPS saves in a high quality format used in printing. Wait for Illustrator to save in the EPS format.


EPS formats take longer to save than normal files because Illustrator must format the project.