How to Make a Pack on "WolfQuest"

By Roger Mock

Updated September 22, 2017

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There are two ways to make a pack in "WolfQuest," which is an online wildlife simulation game released by the Minnesota Zoo. First, a player can create a small pack in the single player game by finding a mate and creating pups. However, there is no way to add additional adult wolves to the grouping. The second way is to create a multiplayer game and gain up to five pack members through other players joining.

Creating a Single Player pack.

Start "WolfQuest" and click "Singleplayer."

Select "Amethyst Mountain" and create your wolf.

Press "M" to bring up the map. Note the areas with purple circles; these are wolf territories.

Travel to each wolf territory and confront a stranger wolf. You must defeat or dominate a male wolf from each location before you can get a mate. To dominate a wolf, begin a dialogue and select options that specify you as the boss. After the wolf gives in, command it to leave the area. Repeat this for each wolf territory.

Find the dispersal wolf, which is the wolf you will form your pack with. Take things slowly. Open with "Hello" and then say "Let's Play!" until the option to make a pack appears. After you have a mate, you must save the game.

Press "Escape" and then select "Save Game." Now you will need to switch to the Slough Creek map to find a den and create pups. Select "New Game" from the menu and then select "Singleplayer" followed by "Slough Creek."

Press "M" to bring up the map. You will see green dots; these are dens. Travel to one to make it your home. Puppies will appear within the den after it is found. You now have a pack!

Creating a Multiplayer Pack

Start "WolfQuest" and click "Multiplayer."

Select a location to play in: Amethyst Mountain or Slough Creek.

Create your wolf and click "Join Game."

Click "New Open Game" or "New Private Game" to create your online pack. An open game can be joined by anyone whereas a private game will require you to give a password to potential pack members.

Create a pack name (game name) and then enter your "WolfQuest" login information. Make an account at if you do not already have one. Select the number of players you want to be able to join and click "Start Game." Players can now join your game from the "Join Open Game" or "Join Private Game" options in the multiplayer menu.