How to Install a PS3 Game Using Multiman

By Darby Stevenson

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PS3

  • PS3 external hard drive

Keep your PS3 games safe by installing them onto the hard drive with Multiman.
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Multiman is a program for PlayStation 3, created by independent third-party developer Dean Kasabow. This type of software is also known as a homebrew. Multiman boasts a number of features, such as file manager, media player, Web browser, FTP server, emulator launcher and ROM lister, Blu-ray movie converter and the ability to install games from a disk onto the PS3. Games can be installed on either the internal hard drive or an external hard drive; however, the user must have version 2.00.01 or later of the software in order to play games directly off of the external drive.

Turn on the PS3 and access Multiman from the main screen. Insert the game disk that you wish to install on your PS3.

Locate the game disk on the Multiman startup screen and select it. Look at the menu on the right on the game menu for "Backup/Copy." Select this choice by pressing the "X" on the control pad.

Click "Yes" after you are prompted as to whether you want to copy the game to the PS3's hard drive. If the game takes up more than 4 gigabytes of hard drive space, Multiman will break it into 4 gigabyte portions and put them on the external drive. If you are using Multiman version 2.00.01 or above, you can play the game off of the external drive. If you have an older version of Multiman, you need to copy the files over to your PS3 hard drive in order to play the game. It will take about 10 minutes to install 4 gigabytes of game data onto your hard drive.