How to Ship Games Back to GameFly

by William PullmanUpdated September 22, 2017
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GameFly is the Netflix of the video game world, offering game rentals of over 7,000 games for all of the popular video game systems. Video games arrive through the mail as a part of your regular subscription package. When you are finished with a game, you send it back to GameFly, and then GameFly sends you another game on your list. GameFly provides a prepaid envelope for returning games.

Save the prepaid envelope that was sent with your video game.

Slide the video game into the prepaid shipping envelope and seal it.

Place the envelope in your mailbox or deliver it to the post office to ship the game back to GameFly.


If you lost the prepaid envelope, request a new one by logging in to your GameFly account, clicking "Report a Shipping Problem," selecting the game by title and choosing "I lost the game's shipping envelope."


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