How to Get to the Paddraean Archaeopolis in "Final Fantasy XIII"

By Joshua Benjamin

Updated September 22, 2017

The Paddraean Archaeopolis is the location of two side-missions -- missions six and seven -- in Chapter 11 in "Final Fantasy XIII." It is not an actual area but rather a smaller part of the Gran Pulse area. The Archaeopolis is an easy-to-miss structure because it is not actually labeled on your map and appears in the game world as a set of fairly generic ruins.

Play through the game normally until you reach the Yaschas Massif area.

Continue through the Yaschas Massif area until you reach the fifth Ci'eth stone on the way to the Adroa fight.

Move past the Cie'th stone and turn north at the first fork in the road.

Continue down the path and turn east at the second fork in the road.

Walk down the path to find the Paddraean Archaeopolis, which is located at the end of this road.