How to Look at Categories on Netflix Streaming

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix streaming services give you the ability to watch movies and television shows via computers, video gaming consoles and other entertainment devices. Available titles are listed in different entertainment categories by Netflix, giving you the ability to quickly browse the selections based on your preferences. You are able to view Netflix streaming categories both on the service's official website and on any device that's compatible with Netflix.

Netflix Streaming on computer

Go to the Netflix Streaming homepage.

Click the “Browse Selection” tab at the top of the Web page. A new page opens.

Scroll down the page and click on one of the category links, such as “Action & Adventure,” listed in the box on the left side of the page. Different movie titles are listed at the top of the next page.

Click the arrows on the far left and far right of the movie list located at the top of the page in order to scroll through a list of different movies in the category you've selected.

Netflix Streaming on entertainment devices

Navigate to and open the “Netflix” screen on the device. For example, Xbox 360 users open Netflix by scrolling to the “Video Marketplace” option on the dashboard screen, then pressing the “Right” button on the directional pad to highlight the “Netflix” option. Press “A” and Netflix opens.

Enter your Netflix account on the sign-in screen, if directed. Press the appropriate button (“A” on Xbox 360) to advance. The Netflix streaming main menu screen appears.

Scroll through the selections. Use the “Up” and “Down” directional pad buttons on the device's remote control or controller to scroll through the different listed movie categories, such as “Comedy” and “New Movies.”

Highlight the category of your choice and press the appropriate button to select that category (“A” on Xbox 360). Then press “Left” and “Right” on the control's arrow keys or the controller's directional pad to scroll through the different available movies listed in that category.


A Netflix streaming account is not necessary to look at categories via the Netflix website. An account is required, however, if using a different entertainment device.