How to Heal Shepard's Scars in "Mass Effect 2"

By Heather Clark

Updated September 22, 2017

Throughout the game, Shepard's morality will have a direct effect on appearance. Choosing the virtuous Paragon path will mitigate the appearance of Shepard's facial scars. If a player accumulates Renegade points through intimidating or ruthless responses and actions, those scars will deepen and begin to glow red, as will Shepard's eyes. Although Shepard's altered appearance has no major effect on gameplay, some players may still want to heal the scars without taking the Paragon route. A Normandy upgrade allows for their removal regardless of Shepherd's morality.

Retrieve Dr. Chakwas' private message

Once Dr. Chakwas is back aboard the Normandy, you will receive a private message from her regarding a Med-Bay upgrade available for the new ship. After the message has been read, the Med-Bay upgrade will be available to research in the Ship Enhancements section of the Tech Lab for 50,000 platinum.

Acquire platinum

If the Normandy's platinum balance is below the amount required to add the upgrade, more platinum can be found by conducting planetary scans. Focus on planets that read Rich in mineral deposits to conserve time.

Visit the Med-Bay

Once sufficient platinum has been acquired and the upgrade is researched and added to the ship, Shepard needs only to visit the ship's Med-Bay. The Cosmetic Surgery Equipment will be located in the far right corner, in front of the Server Room. Once Shepard approaches the equipment, a Heal Scars option will become visible on the screen. Choosing "Yes" will restore Shepard's appearance.