How to Get Hacks in "Minecraft"

by Brandon DingessUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Minecraft Beta

  • Single-player commands mod

  • A decompression program, such as Stuffit Expander, WinZip or Archive Utility

"Minecraft" is a block-based game that focuses on resource collection and building. The player harvests trees, dirt, stone and other minerals to construct strongholds to protect him against the monsters that roam the world. Sometimes, though, players don't want to go through the tedium of collecting the resources for construction. A player can exit the game and use a third-party program to cheat resources into his inventory, but the faster option is to install the "single-player commands" mod, which allows the player to spawn resources, breathe underwater and even fly, based on command-line input while playing the game. As indicated by the mod's name, it only works in single-player.

Download the "single-player commands" mod. Be sure to check for compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft; since most mods are done by third-party hobbyists, it sometimes can take a few days to update a mod when a new version of the game is pushed out. The download will be a .zip file.

Open the /bin folder in your Minecraft directory and locate "minecraft.jar."

Use a decompression program, such as Stuffit Expander or Archive Utility, to decompress "minecraft.jar." This will create a folder called "minecraft" within the /bin folder.

Open the new "minecraft" folder.

Locate the "META-INF" folder inside the "minecraft" folder and delete it. This folder causes problems for many mods and deleting it often is a prerequisite for installation.

Decompress the single-player commands .zip file and open the resulting folder.

Copy all files with a .class extension from the single-player commands folder to the "minecraft" folder created when you decompressed the .jar file. Be sure to overwrite the existing files within the folder.

Close the "minecraft" folder.

Right click on the "minecraft" folder and select "Compress 'minecraft' " from the fly-out menu. This will create a file called ""

Rename "" to "minecraft.jar." Be sure to overwrite the pre-existing .jar file.

Copy all files with a .jar extension from the single-player commands folder to the /bin folder.


Always back up your minecraft.jar file before editing its contents. If you forget to do this, you can prompt the game to download a fresh .jar file by clicking "options" and force update" from the login screen.


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