How to Layer Farms in "Farm Town"

By Ally Heers

Updated September 22, 2017

Layering Farms in Farm Town
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When you layer farms in Farm Town, on the social networking site Facebook, you will have more area to work in. It's not very difficult to layer farms, and it will give you twice the amount of space. With good crop production, more space will help you level up in the game much faster. Layering crops increases the return for the harvesters, increases your experience points and allows you to grow twice as much in one day.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your games and applications. Access Farm Town and open up the farm town that you want to work on. Clear away any trees, flowers, or buildings. Make sure you have enough fuel before you start though; you don’t want the game to refresh while you are getting more fuel.

Click the offline button that looks like a plug; it will turn red when it is offline. Open up a new tab on your computer screen and go to Facebook. Go to the same farm that you just cleared and want to layer the farms in. Click the offline button for this farm too. Plow the first farm in the first tab and then plow the second farm in the second tab. Plow as you would normally.

Go to the first tab and plant the longest to harvest seed first. Plant the four-day crops on the first bottom layer and the three-day crops on the next layer, because you do not want the crops underneath to mature before the crops on top. Do not plant the same crop on top of each other, because you will only end up getting one layer. Make sure to layer your plots a little off from each other. Don’t layer one plot directly over the other, because then you will not be able to see the bottom plot.

Wait until you are done seeding before you move on. Click save after you are done seeding and then move on to the next farm. Make sure to save after you seed every layer. After you are done seeding in the second farm click save and then click play, which will refresh the farm and you should see the last seeds you planted.

Harvest as usual and delete the unplowed plots, do not plow them. If the top harvest died, just delete it and harvest the layer underneath.


Layer two or three farms at a time; any more can become difficult to manage for a beginner.
Open a new tab for every layer. Jot down what you seed on a notepad when you expand the layering, so you won’t forget.