How to Get to the Throne Room in Grizzleheim in "W101"

By Jessica Ring

Updated September 22, 2017

Grizzleheim is one of several worlds in "Wizard 101," a massively multiplayer online role-playing game geared toward children and young adults. Loosely Nordic-themed, you travel to Grizzleheim after completing all of the quests in Krokotopia. Grizzleheim has specific level requirements for each quest section. To enter the throne room and speak to the king, your character must be at least Level 40. If your character is not yet Level 40, fight monsters in the nearby woods to gain experience points.

Go to the Olde Town section of Wizard City. Locate the bear, Baldur Goldpaws, standing near the Viking ship.

Speak to him. He transports you to the Northguard area of Grizzleheim.

Speak to Bjorn Ironclaws, a Viking bear located outside of the Northguard palace. If you are at least Level 40, he gives you the "The King and I" quest.

Enter the Northguard palace until you reach the entrance to the throne room. Click the door to enter.

Enter the throne room and speak to the Viking king. He gives you the final Grizzleheim quest, "Defeat Jotun."