How to Find the Spitting Zombies in "Undead Nightmare"

By Brenton Shields

Updated September 22, 2017

The Retchers are a class of spitting zombies in the expansion pack for "Red Dead Redemption" known as "Undead Nightmare." You must fight off the hordes of zombies as you race to find a cure and save your family from the infection. There is one mission that requires you to capture several live Retchers for a director's zombie movie, which is a dangerous task considering they can spit flumes of poisonous acid in your direction. The first step toward capturing them, however, is finding them. They may pop up randomly in virtually any area, but are more common in Gaptooth Ridge.

Call your horse and hop on. Pressing "Up" on the directional pad will call your horse for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The "Triangle" button makes your character (John Marsten) mount the horse on the PlayStation 3, the "Y" button does it on the Xbox 360.

Head for the northwest corner of the game world to the area known as Gaptooth Ridge. Press "Start" to bring up your map at any time, which will have a small location marker, to check your progress.

Find the town of Tumbleweed in the center of Gaptooth Ridge. It is located very close to the train tracks. It is a ghost town with a large church and cemetery. Keep walking around until you find a Retcher. They are most common in this area and are easy to spot since they glow green unlike other zombies.

Hold "L1" on the PlayStation 3 or "L" on the Xbox 360 to bring up your weapon wheel. Use the left joystick to select the lasso.

Go into dead-eye mode by clicking down on the right joystick (either console) and aim for the Retcher with the left joystick. Press "R" when you target it to fire your lasso. Hold "R" and move toward it, then press "Triangle" (PS3) or "Y" (Xbox 360) to hogtie it.

Pick it up with "X" (Xbox 360) or "Square" (PS3) and carry it to your horse, where John will mount it on the back and you can take it wherever you please.


Retchers are never alone, so be prepared to take out a few waves of zombies if you want any chance at getting close to one.