How to Get to Gadgetzan From Stormwind

By Elizabeth Olson

Updated September 22, 2017

Stormwind City, the Alliance faction capital and home city for the human race in Blizzard Entertainment's "World of Warcraft," offers players flights, ships, portals and trams to quickly access distant geographical areas in Azeroth. Using these mediums, players can travel between the Eastern Kingdoms and the continents of Outland, Northrend and Kalimdor. Gadgetzan, a walled goblin city in southern Kalimdor, serves as a faction-neutral quest hub for the Tanaris zone and houses one of the only cross-faction auction houses in the game.

Travel to the Dwarven district in the northeast corner of Stormwind City. Speak to a city guard and select the Deeprun Tram as your target destination to have the location flagged on your city map.

Enter the Deeprun Tram station and board the tram when it arrives. Wait for departure and exit the tram when you reach Ironforge.

Speak to the Gryth Thurden, the Ironforge flight master located near the Great Forge, to board a flight to Menethil Harbor if you have already added its flight point to your wind rider network. Otherwise, exit the city through the front gate and travel directly north to the Wetlands zone. Follow the path northeast through the zone until you reach Menethil Harbor on the eastern coast.

Go to the docking area and board the ship to Theramore Isle when it arrives in the harbor. Exit the boat when you reach Theramore Isle.

Fly or swim south along the coast of Dustwallow Marsh and Thousand Needles until you reach Tanaris. Do not stray too far from the coastline while swimming or your may become fatigued and drown.

Travel west through Tanaris until you reach Gadgetzan, a walled goblin city in the north-central part of the zone. Enter the city through the gates on the north or south side.


Although Gadgetzan is a faction-neutral city, players who have "Hated" or "Hostile" reputation status with the goblin cartels may be attacked on sight when they enter the city limits.