How to Convert an Xbox360 Game to PC

by Christy WilsonUpdated September 22, 2017
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Xbox 360 games are expensive, and you are not always at your Xbox 360 when you want to play. But you can burn an Xbox 360 game onto another disc or save it to your PC. There are several free downloadable DVD copy programs available on the Internet, including DVD Decrypter and Burn4Free. These copy programs also allow you to copy your favorite movies, ISO files, MP3s and other media. Copyright laws often apply, so check labels before copying.

Close any other programs that are running on the PC.

Download a free DVD copy program onto the PC where you wish to play the Xbox 360 game. Install the copy program onto the computer by double-clicking the downloaded file and following the screen prompts.

Put the Xbox 360 game DVD into the CD/DVD drive of the PC.

Launch the DVD copy program.

On the main screen of the DVD copy program, select "Devices" from the drop-down menu. Under "File Type" or "Format," select "Data" or "ISO/Data."

Select "Browse" next to the "Destination" or "Output" tab. A window opens. Click "OK" in the window.

Click "Start" or "Copy" (still on the main screen). Select where you want to copy the game (DVD drive, hard drive, etc.) A progress bar appears. When progress is complete, close the DVD copy program.

Remove the Xbox 360 game from the drive and the DVD from the burner, if you burned it onto a DVD. Play the game using an Xbox modding program or an Xbox emulator on the PC.


Some versions of Windows have a DVD burning program already installed.
If you use a copy program other than DVD Decrypter or Burn4Free, your steps may be slightly different. Follow the screen prompts for the program you choose.


You must legally own a copy of the Xbox 360 game in order to use it on your PC.
It is only legal to burn one copy for personal use. While burning, avoid turning on or off appliances or computer components that could cause a power spike.

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