How to Get Into Secret Garden on "MapleStory"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

The "Secret Garden" is a hidden area in the massive multiplayer online role playing game "MapleStory." It is located in Kerning City, but in order to gain access to the garden, you have to be a member of the "Dual Blade" class. While playing as a Dual Blade you must first gain the trust of the Dark Lord of Kerning. You do this while secretly working for the Dual Blades. Once you have proven yourself to the Dual Blades, they will allow access to the Secret Garden area.

Start the game and log into your account. Select your "Dual Blade" character or create a new one if you are playing as a different class.

Travel to Kerning City located on Victoria Island. The city is reached by taking the upper left portal on the "Six Path Crossway" area in the middle of the island. Take all the portals on the left side of each area from here to get to the city.

Walk to the middle of the city and press "Up" in front of the sign that reads "Fusion Bar Jazz." This is the thieves’ hideout where you will find the "Dark Lord." Double click on the Dark Lord to speak to him then perform all the missions he sends you out on. The missions all involve killing certain types of monsters.

Speak to "Ryden" (the man with the hat leaning against the wall) to the left of the thieves’ hideout in order to get more quests. These missions are also to kill monsters. Once you have completed the quests you received from the Dark Lord and Ryden, a new portal will open to the left of Ryden. Stand in front of the portal and press "Up" to reach the Kerning City back alley.

Walk to the right and press "Up" in front of the building located in the alley. You'll gain access to the "Secret Garden" first floor. From here you can explore and visit the second floor, basement and restricted area.