How to Get Rare Candies With a GameShark in "Pokemon Emerald"

By Jason Williams

Updated September 22, 2017

Item modifier codes allow you to get any item in the game, including items not normally obtainable.
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In "Pokemon Emerald" and other Pokemon games, a Pokemon becomes stronger by gaining levels. There are two ways to gain levels: obtain sufficient experience points by winning battles and use in-game items called Rare Candy to instantly increase a Pokemon's level by one. Rare Candy is indeed rare; it is not sold by any shop and there are only a handful of them scattered across the overworld. However, a GameShark cheat can allow you easy access to an infinite supply of Rare Candy.

Enter the following code into the GameShark cheat screen:

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Turn this code on and keep it on throughout this process. This is the "Master Code" required to make other GameShark cheats work with "Pokemon Emerald."

Enter the following code into the GameShark cheat screen:

82005274 0044

Turn this code on and keep it on throughout the process, as it modifies an important item value to Rare Candy.

Go to any Pokemart and speak to the cashier. The first item for sale will still be listed as whatever it is normally, but the description and item image will be for Rare Candy. Purchase any number of Rare Candy as desired. Each Rare Candy costs P4800.


If the cheat does not work, turn off or erase any other active cheats, as they may be interfering with the Rare Candy cheat.

This cheat can be used to obtain any item in the game by changing the last three characters of the Rare Candy modifier to another item's digits (see for a full list of item modifiers). Using this cheat to obtain duplicate or normally unobtainable key items may cause glitches in your game, however.

If you cannot afford a great deal of Rare Candy, you can make some profit by using the item modifier cheat to buy Shards for P200 each. Then bring them to the Shard Hunter west of Mossdeep City to turn the Shards into elemental stones, and sell the elemental stones for P1050 each for a P850 profit for each stone.