How to Reset Your Profile on "LittleBigPlanet"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Resetting your "LittleBigPlanet" game save on the PlayStation Vita requires deleting the game completely and downloading it again. If you're playing the game on the PlayStation 3, however, you can delete the save game file without removing the game data files. You will not be able to retain any part of your saved game if you reset your profile.

PlayStation Portable

Sign in to your profile on your PSP, if you are not currently logged in. Make sure you're not actively in a game or movie, returning to the main dashboard.

Select the "Game" category from the main menu, pressing "Up" on the directional pad to highlight "Saved Data Utility."

Press "X" to display all save files associated with this profile. Use the directional pad to locate your "LittleBigPlanet" save file, which will have an icon of the game to help differentiate itself.

Press "Triangle" to open a side menu. From this menu, you can select "Delete" and press "X" to confirm your decision. The console erases your save, allowing you to boot the game and start anew from the beginning.

PlayStation Vita

Boot up the Vita and sign in to your PlayStation Network profile, if you're not already logged in.

Locate the "LittleBigPlanet" icon, then tap and hold it to engage Edit Mode. The icons will shrink slightly and reveal an "X" button.

Tap the "X" beside "LittleBigPlanet." This brings up a little menu where you can get game information or delete the data.

Tap "Delete," followed by "OK" to remove the game from your system. This will also remove your save data, so the next time you download and play "LittleBigPlanet," you'll start from the beginning.


The PSP steps also apply to PlayStation 3 users.

If you want to get another world without deleting your save, you'll need to make a new profile.

If you want to make a new profile to replace an old one, you can close your current one after deleting your save (see Resources).


There is no way to remove only the save data from the Vita version; you must remove all data to reset the game.

If you close your PlayStation account, you'll lose any associated trophies or purchases.