What Are Water-Type Pokemon Weak Against?

By Daniel Valladares

Updated September 22, 2017

Water-type Pokemon were first introduced in "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Blue" and have been a staple of the series since the first two games. Water-type Pokemon are common throughout the Pokemon series and are particularly strong against fire-type Pokemon. In addition, most water-type Pokemon can learn the move "Surf," which allows you to travel across water. Unfortunately, water-type Pokemon also have several weaknesses.


Electric-type Pokemon, such as Pikachu, are not very common throughout most of the Pokemon games. This is fortunate, as they are one of the two types that are super-effective against water-type Pokemon. In addition to electric-type Pokemon, many Pokemon that are not of the electric-type can learn electric-type moves. For this reason, many players choose to have their water-type Pokemon learn "Mud Sport," which weakens any electric-type attack.


Grass-type Pokemon are the second most common type after water-type Pokemon, which is unfortunate, as they are very powerful against water-type Pokemon. If your Pokemon is a pure water-type Pokemon, the best strategy is to quickly switch out Pokemon because most grass-types can take out water-type Pokemon in a few hits. Fortunately, Ice is a common second type of a lot of water-type Pokemon. Since ice-type Pokemon are strong against grass-type Pokemon, it levels the playing field.


Although water-type Pokemon are not weak against dragon-type Pokemon, dragon-type Pokemon have a built-in resistance to water-type attacks. If you are using a water-type Pokemon against a dragon-type Pokemon, you should not use any water-based moves. You should focus on ice-type moves, as ice attacks are incredibly strong against dragon-type Pokemon.


As stated in the introduction, water-type Pokemon are strong against fire-type Pokemon, but there are two other types that are particularly weak against water-type Pokemon: rock-type Pokemon and ground-type Pokemon. Many rock-type Pokemon are also ground-type Pokemon, which is fortunate for you because your water-type Pokemon will deal four times the damage to your opponent.