How to Get Blizzard in "FireRed"

By Chappy Sinclair

Updated September 22, 2017

In the "Pokemon" series, Blizzard is a powerful, Ice-type attack that you can teach to many Ice-, Dragon- and Water-type Pokemon. It is highly effective against Grass-, Ground- and Flying-type Pokemon, and it has a high chance of scoring a critical hit. In "Pokemon FireRed," Blizzard is available in the form of a Technical Machine in the abandoned Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. A Technical Machine, or TM, is a single-use attack or ability that you can apply to one Pokemon.

Walk, bike or fly to Cinnabar Island. Press the "Start" button and select "Map" to see your current location in relation to Cinnabar Island.

Enter the Pokemon Mansion, which is next to the Pokemon Center and marked by a sign outside of it.

Walk to the far left of the interior of the Pokemon Mansion. If you have not been to it before, you will encounter weak Pokemon trainers who you must defeat. Inspect the Mew statue. The button on the statue control the doors for the floor you're on. Press the button when prompted and walk to the right. Go up the stairs of the path that opens.

Follow the hallway until you reach the next Mew statue. Press the button and continue upstairs. Follow the path until you reach the third Mew statue. Press the button; a door to the right of the statue will open. Enter the door and grab the Blizzard TM.