What Is Dish Cinema?

By Lou Martin

Updated September 22, 2017

DISH Cinema is a pay-per-view and on-demand service offered by DISH Network, the second-largest satellite provider in the United States behind DIRECTV. DISH Cinema provides subscribers with the option of viewing movies and TV shows through their DISH receiver on a pay-per-view basis, which is either billed or paid for with a credit card at the time the movie is ordered.

Genres and Services

DISH Cinema movies are available in an assortment of categories, including action, drama, comedy and suspense. Movies ordered on a pay-per-view basis air at regularly-scheduled intervals and require the subscriber to tune in to a particular channel at a predetermined time. On-demand movies, on the other hand, are available when the subscriber is ready and can be viewed at anytime. You can also watch trailers of the movies you want to watch on the DISH Cinema portion of the company’s website.

General Information

DISH Cinema TV shows and movies are available in standard- and high-definition formats or 1080p format, which is equivalent to Blu-ray disc quality. As of the date of publication, new titles are added to the DISH Cinema lineup on a weekly basis, on the same day as the movie’s or show’s DVD release. Due to movie industry regulations, DISH Cinema programming is available nearly a month before other movie providers, such as Netflix and Redbox, are able to offer the same movies and shows.


At the time of publication, DISH Cinema movies are available for an established fee that lists for less than 10 dollars. Periodically, however, the company offers promotional programming for a discounted price. For instance, in celebration of Independence Day 2011, the company offered five discounted pay-per-view and on-demand movies from July 1 to July 7, 2011. The movies were recently-released movies, including “True Grit,” “Battle: Los Angeles” and “Sucker Punch,” that hit the DVD and Blu-ray market shortly before the DISH Network promotional viewings.

About DISH Network

DISH Network launched its first satellite broadcast on November 1, 1996 and reached its one millionth customer by the end of 1997. As of March 31, 2011, the company has more than 14 million customers. The company offers more than 200 national HD channels, more than any other satellite or cable provider. DISH Network Corporation stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange and has been named to the Forbes Fortune 200 list of companies. DISH Network Corporation is also the owner of Blockbuster L.L.C.