How to Get More Categories on Netflix

By LaDonna Hadley

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix uses a complex algorithm to make recommendations. This is based on:

  • Available shows and movies
  • Your ratings
  • Your viewing history
  • Ratings from people with similar interests

Although watching shows and movies on Netflix affects the recommendations you receive, you can also set your taste preferences, rate selections and remove titles to get more recommendations. The more movies and televisions shows you rate and the more detail you add to your preferences, the more likely Netflix's recommendations will match your tastes.

Rating Movies and Shows

To rate movies and shows, click Taste Profile and select Rate Shows and Movies from the drop-down menu. The default category is set to All Genres, but you can choose any genre by opening the Rating Movies In: menu and clicking the desired genre.

There is no minimum number of titles you must rate. Browse the titles and choose your rating or click Haven't Seen It. The stars range from Hated It at one star to Loved It at five stars. The rating is saved automatically, and then the title refreshes to a new one to rate. When finished rating titles, click the Netflix logo to return to your home page.

Choose a Category


Rate movies and shows you didn't like with one or two stars to help Netflix avoid titles similar to those that don't match your tastes.

In this example, Netflix updated the recommendations to reflect similar shows to those that were rated in the TV and Thriller genres.

Based on Ratings

Choosing Your Taste Preferences

To add to or change your taste profile and receive more categories of recommendations, choose Taste Preferences from the Taste Profile menu. You can select as many or as few of the 13 categories as you like. Like movie ratings, there is no minimum required number of categories or types within each category.

To choose a specific category, click the desired selection from the Featured Categories menu. For each type, choose Never, Sometimes or Often. The selection is automatically saved and can be changed at any time.

Choosing Categories


The default setting takes you through each category in the order listed, but you can skip categories by using the Featured Category drop-down menu.

If you need clarification for a type, click Need Some Examples? to see six titles matching the type.

Category Examples


Marking Never helps Netflix customize recommendations by avoiding tastes you don't like.

In this example, Netflix added specific, detailed categories that matched the saved taste preferences.

Based on Tastes

Removing Titles from Recommendations

Another option to improve recommendations is to remove titles you aren't interested in. Hover over a title. In the pop-up, select Not Interested. The title is then removed from your recommendations after the page refreshes.

Not Interested

Removing Titles from Viewing History

Another way to let Netflix know your preferences is to remove titles you watched on Netflix but didn't like. To find your viewing history, select Your Account from the drop-down menu under your profile photo. In the My Profile options, choose Viewing Activity.

Viewing History

Click the title to open rating options.

Choose a Title

Click Remove From List.

Rate or Remove


To give Netflix additional information, you can also rate the title with one or two stars or click Not Interested before removing.

You can also remove a title you didn't like from your list on the home page. Under Browse, click My List. Select the title and then click Remove from List.

Your List

Using Multiple Profiles

Each Netflix account can have up to five profiles. Each profile has its own taste profile and preferences. Using multiple profiles is beneficial when family members have different viewing tastes or are different ages, or if you want a designated type of viewing, such as fitness or educational.

To add a profile, click the profile image and choose Manage Profiles from the drop-down menu. Click Add Profile, enter the name, check the box if the viewer is a child and select Continue. Sign in as the profile by clicking the appropriate profile image, rate movies and complete the Taste Profile.

Managing Profiles
Adding a New Profile


Checking a profile as Kid allows you to further designate age ranges as little, older or teens and only age-appropriate titles are displayed.