How to Get to Thunder Bluff From Orgrimmar

By Elizabeth Olson

Updated September 22, 2017

The expansive networks of both free and fared travel systems in Blizzard Entertainment's massively multi-player online role-playing game "World of Warcraft" allow players to travel efficiently between distant continents, zones and cities in the game. Players have several available transportation mediums for traveling between Orgrimmar, the capital of the Horde faction and Thunder Bluff, the nearby capital of the Tauren race. These mediums include roads, flight paths and zeppelins. While flight masters offer the fastest transportation between the cities, zeppelins are free and accessible to all players.

Travel to the west zeppelin tower in Orgrimmar. Fly or climb the stairs to the top of the tower and locate the docking area for the Thunder Bluff zeppelin. Each zeppelin docking station has its own zeppelin master and displays a small monument representing its target destination. For example, a totem is located next to the Thunder Bluff zeppelin dock to represent the tribal Tauren faction.

Board the Thunder Bluff zeppelin when it arrives at the tower. Wait for the zeppelin to depart and remain on the zeppelin until you have reached Thunder Bluff. Exit the zeppelin when it docks at the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff.

Speak to the Doras, the Orgrimmar Flight Master, on the elevated pedestal above the Cleft of Shadow to travel to Thunder Bluff on the wind rider network.

Click on the Thunder Bluff flight point on the pop-up map to board a wind rider to the city. A small fee, determined by your standing with the flight master's home faction, is deducted when you select your destination. Hover your cursor over your target destination on the flight map to preview the cost of trip.


Only players who have already been to Thunder Bluff and spoken to the flight master there can select the Thunder Bluff flight point as a target destination on the wind rider network.