How to Lower Your Ping on "Warcraft 3"

By Tom Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

High ping can sometimes get you kicked out of
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When playing the game "Warcraft 3" online, latency can be a big issue. This is especially true when dealing with custom-made Warcraft 3 modes and maps, or "mods" as they are known in the player community. When playing locally on your computer, your game units usually respond instantly when you click your mouse. However, when you are playing online with bad latency, your units' movements can be delayed by seconds at a time. In a "Warcraft 3" mod that is based on split-second decision-making and fast player reaction time, like Defense of the Ancients (DotA), a multi-second delay can mean certain death. Of course, there are commercial programs that promise to lower your ping, but there are far simpler and cheaper ways to accomplish this goal

Avoid servers and game hosts that are far away. The latency of your game is directly related to your distance from the servers. If you live in Europe, avoid playing on servers located in Asia.

Use the Garena client instead of to play your "Warcraft 3" games. The client is a low-latency third-party program that was created by the Garena company to generate a low-latency, hacker-free online gaming environment. Games played on the Garena client typically have a lower rate of latency than those played on or peer-to-peer networks. This is because the Garena client creates a direct "tunnel" to your opponent, eliminating the number of waypoints that the data has to travel through and lowering the latency.

Close all of your downloads, torrents, Internet browsers and other programs that consume bandwidth.

Close your anti-virus programs while playing online. Typically, these programs constantly run an automatic update process that contacts their home servers to check for updates. These processes consume quite a bit of bandwidth. Windows Automatic Update also consumes bandwidth in the same fashion, so you may want to turn that off while playing as well.