How to Find the Ticket Pieces in "Goosebumps HorrorLand"

By Leanne Canirs

Updated September 22, 2017

"Goosebumps HorrorLand" is a video game based on the popular book, "Welcome to HorrorLand." Players start the game receiving a ticket in the mail to attend a new Halloween-themed amusement park, HorrorLand. The player reluctantly goes, only to have his ticket shredded into five pieces which then blow away in the wind. The amusement park guards, known as Horrors, refuse to let anyone leave without tickets, trapping players in the park until each piece of the ticket is found.

Collect 20 Frights by playing and beating the mini-games around the theme park. Head east to Vampire Village, then to the middle of the village where the roller coaster is. There will be a young girl screaming for help. Talk to the Horror and ask to rescue her from the ride. Complete the mini-game and the girl, named GiGi, will agree to help you find the ticket pieces.

Head down the path to the Mad Lab area and GiGi will tell you that a ticket is close. Look in the well before you reach the Mad Lab and you will receive the first ticket piece.

Walk west to the Carnival of Screams. Upon entering the area, there will be several wrecked trains with "Out Of Order" signs on them. GiGi will once again inform you that there is a ticket piece nearby. Search in the train that is smoking and you will get the second ticket piece.

Head east through Vampire Village and into Fever Swamp. Walk over to the Rub-A-Dub Slug mini-game and you will receive an event from GiGi. Search behind the anchor to find the third ticket piece.

Walk back to Vampire Village and purchase the horror mask. The mask will transform you into a Horror, allowing you to explore off-limit areas. Head over to Mad Labs and enter the "Horrors Only" door located by Fever Swamp. The fourth ticket piece is in the room.

Head to the final area, Terror Tombs, then to Pharaoh's Fairways mini-game. Talk to the Horror to play. Earn three Frights from the game and you will receive the final ticket piece as a prize.