How to Get in the Demons Doorway in "MapleStory"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

In the multiplayer online role playing game "MapleStory," Demon's Doorways are special portals that lead to boss battles. To get in the doorways is often a cause for confusion because they do not function in the same way as the other portals and doorways in the game. Instead of the standard way in which you open other doors in the game, these doorways often have special requirements or require special items for entry.

Start the game and log into your account. Select the character you want to play with and the server you want to play on.

Play the game until you receive a quest to enter a Demon's Doorway. The first opportunity you have in the game to enter one of these doorways is during your first job quest. Thief class characters, for example, get the mission from the Dark Lord in Kerning.

Walk up to the Demon's Doorway and double left click on it. You can identify the doorways by the skulls in it and the bluish white flames flickering around it. You may have to double left click on it multiple times if there are other players in the area, as lag can cause the game to not register your clicks.

Read the requirements to enter from the dialogue box that appears when you double left click on the door. One of the requirements is that you have to be under a certain level, and of a certain class. The Demon's Doorway in the swamp region for example requires you to be a Thief, Night Walker or Dual Blade class character that is under level 40.

Click "Next" if you meet all the requirements and the doorway will automatically allow you inside.


Some Demon's Doorways like the one in the Cursed Temple found in Sleepywood won't allow you inside until you have a reason to enter. Once you receive the 3rd job advancement mission from your trainer, you'll also get a special emblem that allows entry into the doorway.