How to Get Planes on "Airport Tycoon 3"

By Mark S. Baker

Updated September 22, 2017

i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

"Airport Tycoon 3" is a business simulation game published by Global Star Software and released for the PC in 2003. The game — the second sequel to "Airport Tycoon" which debuted in 2000 — has the player taking the role of an airport manager who guides the creation of an airport from the ground up. Acquiring planes for use at your airport requires completing all of the steps to build your airport, then acquiring hangar contacts from the airlines in the game.

Decide what type of airport terminal — passenger or cargo — you are going to operate at your airport.

Build all buildings necessary in order to open your airport. Create at least one runway, several taxiways, several plane stands, an apron (the road used by airport-support staff), a turnaround area (which handles cleaning, catering and baggage handling), an airport maintenance building and either a cargo or passenger terminal.

Open your airport and begin acquiring contracts. Search your messages for new contracts as they become available to you. Double-click on the "Contract Offer" message in the "Message Panel." Decide whether to "Accept," "Decline" or "Renegotiate" all contract offers.

Choose between "Airline Contracts," "Outside Contracts," "Inside Contracts" or "Airline Service Contracts."

Agree to the contracts to begin acquiring planes from the airlines.


Be sure to manage your budget carefully. Signed contracts will come with a signing bonus, which should be used to build more airport buildings or lure other businesses such as hotels and gas stations to your airport. Raising your airport rating will give you access to better contracts, including the coveted hub contracts. Jetways and bigger runways will allow you to attract bigger planes.