How to Unlock a Secret Character in "Bleach vs. Naruto"

By Paul Higgins

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Bleach vs. Naruto," an online Flash fighting game which you can access through your regular Internet browser, you can unlock two additional characters and play as either of them: Bankai Ichigo and Kyuubi Naruto. Each character has its own fighting style and special moves which you can use to defeat your adversaries. You can play as either one of these characters by using a specific cheat code.

Play as Bankai Ichigo

Scroll down the list of game modes in the game's main menu, select "Normal" and press "J" to access the character selection screen.

Press the "D" key to scroll through the available characters and place the cursor over Ichigo.

Press and hold the "W" key on your keyboard and press the "J" key at the same time to activate Bankai Ichigo, a more powerful version of the regular Ichigo character.

Play as Kyuubi Naruto

Select the "Normal" game mode in the main menu and press the "J" key on your keyboard.

Scroll through the list of characters by using the "D" key and place the cursor over Naruto.

Hold the "W" key while the cursor is over Naruto and press the "J" key to activate Kyuubi Naruto, the stronger version of the regular Naruto character.