How to Get the Cerberus Whisker in "Poptropica"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

"Mythology Island" is an area added in 2010 to the free online game "Poptropica." The island is based around Greek mythology and players must collect items for Zeus. One of the quests on the island is to get a whisker from Cerberus, who is the guardian of the underworld. Players must devise a way to get the beast to fall asleep as walking up to Cerberus and plucking a whisker is not an option. It is possible to obtain the whisker once Cerberus is asleep.

Walk all the way to the right along the main street (past the gates of mount Olympus and the gym) until you reach a sign that reads "Grove Of Temples." Continue right to reach the temple area.

Walk right and enter the first building. Keep walking to the right inside the building until you reach a basket with free reed pipes. Click the basket to get a pipe.

Walk to the left of the basket with the reed pipes until you see four statues. Jump up and speak to the top left statue. Select the "Can you teach me a song to play on my pipe" option.

Click the colored holes on the reed pipe in the same order the statue shows you. This is done to prove your worth. You'll receive the tune with which to put Cerberus to sleep once you successfully complete the test.

Exit the temple then walk left to the main street. Keep going left over the bridge until you reach a sign that reads "Meet the Minotaur." Jump up and go past the door.

Click the pomegranate tree to get some of the fruit. Exit the area then walk all the way to the right. Keep going right until you reach the "Grove Of Temples" area again.

Walk up to the temple with all the skulls next to the doorway and enter it. Walk right then open your inventory and click the pomegranates. Your character will automatically place it on the offering alter. The next door will open.

Enter the door then walk right and jump down the first pit. You'll fall a long way before ending up next to the river Styx. Speak to the man in the boat to your left and tell him you are ready to go.

Move your character left and right to dodge the falling stalactites as the boat moves. Watch out for the flying monsters and crocodiles as well. You will have to repeat the boat trip again if you get hit.

Walk right after the boat trip is over and you'll find Cerberus. Open your inventory then click the reed pipe and select "use." Play the notes shown on the card that you got in the musical temple. The correct sequence is "Blue, green, yellow, blue, red, green."

Walk up to Cerberus and left click it once it falls asleep and the whisker is yours.