How to Forget HM in "Pokemon: Yellow"

By Peter Noel

Updated September 22, 2017

Use a Game Boy GameShark to alter your Pokemon's moves.
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Hidden Machines in the Pokemon series allow your pocket monsters to perform special out-of-combat techniques to navigate the world. The drawback of this utility is the inability to replace an HM technique with a naturally learned move, or a Technical Machine. Later versions of the Pokemon series included a Move Deleter for trainers to have their Pokemon forget HMs, but "Pokemon: Yellow" has no such service. With the help of GameShark codes, you can alter your Pokemon's moves and override learned HMs.

Start your "Pokemon: Yellow" game and place the Pokemon you want to alter in the first slot of your Pokemon roster. Make sure to note which of the four slots the HM move is set.

Save your game and turn the system off. Restart your Game Boy with the GameShark plugged in.

Refer to your note saying which move slot the HM is set. If it's the first slot, enter the code 01##72D1. If it's the second slot, enter the code 01##73D1. If it's the third slot, enter the code 01##74D1. If it's the fourth slot, enter the code 01##75D1. Refer to the Resource section for the two-digit move codes to replace the ## in each code.