How to Install Game Mods From USB on PS3

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

"Unreal Tournament 3" is the only PlayStation 3 game to support modding, making it possible to customize your UT3 experience even on your console. Mods are controlled using the in-game mod browser, but to actually add them you'll have to download and install the mods using a PS3-compatible USB hard drive or memory card. Installation itself is actually quite easy; the game installs the mods for you, you just have to make them available.

Downloading Mods

First, you'll need some PS3-compatible mods. Mod communities like host a wide variety of mods, including those for character models, maps, weapons and more. You can download the .JAM mod files to your hard drive, or save them directly to your memory card or USB drive. If you're saving directly to the USB drive or memory card, save it in the root folder and nowhere else; UT3 can't read mod files that are organized in folders. Also, you can only have one mod at a time on the card, so if you're planning to add multiple mods it might be better to save them to a folder on your computer and copy them to the drive as needed.

Installing to UT3

Once the mod file is on the drive or memory card, you need to connect it to the PS3 and start it up. As long as the device is compatible, the PS3 should recognize it. Once the PS3 is running, start up UT3 and select "Community" followed by "My Content" to display the mods you currently have installed. The Square button will bring up the import menu, which will let you pick your memory card or hard drive as a source for the mod. The mod may take a few minutes to copy, unpack and install, depending on the size of the mod. Once finished, the mod should show under the "Installed Content" heading. For character mods, you'll need to close the game and return to the PS3 main menu, then load the game again for them to take effect.

Adding More Mods

To add more mods, you'll need to follow the same process of putting them onto the drive and then importing them into the game. The mod importer can only read one mod file at a time on your drive, so putting multiple files on will only install one mod anyway, and once it's installed you'll have to remove it to get another to install. Depending on how many mods you have to install, the overall process could take some time.

Deleting Mods

If you eventually grow tired of your mods and no longer want them in UT3, you can easily remove them using the "My Content" menu. You can delete mods by selecting them from the Installed Content list and pressing the Triangle button. Any content you delete will have to be re-installed if you change your mind down the road. Keep only the content you really use or enjoy, however, to keep your game running smoothly with minimal loading required.