How to Get a Welcome Back Ring in "MapleStory"

By Candice Coleman

Updated September 22, 2017

In "MapleStory," players can regularly participate in giveaway events. While "MapleStory" events typically target current players as recipients of items or bonuses, some like the "Welcome Back Ring" event aim to bring former players back to the game. During any "Welcome Back to Maple World" event, players can earn the ring. However, players only possess the ring for 30 days; after that time period, the ring no longer has any effect.

Visit the official "MapleStory" website (see Resources). Select "News" and then "Events." Click on the black "News" tab on the "Events" page to see listings of up-to-date events in "MapleStory." Beneath the display of 10 current listings, select the red "Next" button to view the next most recent events. Players should look for events reading "Welcome Back." Click on the event listings to get information on the "Welcome Back" event.

Avoid logging in to your account. Players who wish to obtain the "Welcome Back Ring" must not log in to "MapleStory" for at least 90 days preceding the start of the event. Log in during the time frame indicated in the event listing to receive the "Welcome Back Ring."

Equip the ring to your character. Invite other players to join your party. Both your characters and all other players who join your party will receive an 80 percent experience point boost in every battle.


While only inactive players who return to "MapleStory" can receive the Welcome Back Ring, active players can earn the Mapler Ring. The Mapler Ring, when worn while the player is in a party, increases the item drop rate in battle by 50 percent. Like the Welcome Back Ring, players can only possess the Mapler Ring for 30 days.

Both the Welcome Back Ring and Mapler Ring generate secret benefits for the player. The benefit appears above the character's head while the character wears the ring.

Select the Welcome Back Ring or the Mapler Ring from the inventory. In the item's description, players can see how much longer the ring will hold an effect. Look for the line that reads "Available until" to see your ring's last day of use.