How to Back Up Aircraft From the Gate in "Flight Simulator X"

By Luc Braybury

Updated September 22, 2017

"Microsoft Flight Simulator X" is the most recent entry in Microsoft's line of flight simulator games, at the time of publication. The standard version of the game includes 18 different aircraft, 28 accurately depicted cities and over 24,000 airports. The game seeks to be as realistic as possible when simulating the experience of piloting a real aircraft. Small and large details abound in the game, including the need to back your plane away from the airport gate before taxiing to the runway for takeoff.

Press the "." key while in cockpit view to release the plane's parking brakes.

Press "Shift + P" to push the plane off from the gate.

Press the "1" key while backing up to turn the tail of the plane to the left. Press "2" to turn it to the right.

Press "Shift + P" to stop the aircraft once your turn is complete.


Use the number keys above the main keyboard, not the number pad, when entering commands in "Flight Simulator X."