Can You Sell the Items You Bought in "ROBLOX"?

By Leah Waldron-Gross

Updated September 22, 2017

In ROBLOX, a gaming and real estate-building online world, members with a Turbo or Outrageous Builder's Club (BC) membership can sell virtual items they created themselves, or resell items they previously purchased from the ROBLOX catalog. However, the catalog resale items are limited to a select category and must be original, ROBLOX designs.

Builder's Club Membership Requirement

Only ROBLOX members that have upgraded to a Turbo or Outrageous BC membership can resell previously purchased items to other members. To become a BC member, log in to your free account on the ROBLOX homepage and click on "Builder's Club" in the upper toolbar. You may resell your items with either upgraded BC membership. BC memberships start at $11.95 per month (as of July 2011) and can be purchased in monthly, semi-annual, annual and lifetime plans.

Items You Can Sell

BC members may only resell "limited" and "limited unique" items originally created by ROBLOX. Limited items include any avatar clothing or accessories that were sold for a limited time and are no longer available in the ROBLOX catalog. Limited unique items are also avatar products that were sold for a limited time but are released with a serial number that conveys their manufacture number (such as hat number 2 out of 100). In the catalog, limited items are marked with a green banner and the word "limited," while limited unique items have a green and yellow banner and the words "Limited U." You can also power search limited and limited unique items in the left-hand catalog directory.

How to Resell an Item

If you are already a BC member and want to resell a limited or unique limited item, click on the item you want to sell to initiate the sale. Your inventory is located on your "My ROBLOX" page. Once you have clicked the item, select "Sell item" from the menu and type in the sale price (in Robux or tickets). Click "Update" and "Done" to finish the sale. once the system updates, you will see your item (with your name) in the current ROBLOX catalog.


You do not need to be a BC member to buy a limited or unique limited item, but only BC members may resell them. BC members also have the option to create their own unique avatar items and sell them for any sale price (in Robux or tickets).